Bringing the Right Product

Our journey started back in 2007 and the House is still in operation. We operate as a supply chain partner, bringing clients the “the Right Product – At the Right Price – With the Right Performance”. Our customers come from Europe, Australia and North America and we strive to grow further!

Our Team

Our headquarters are located in Canada. Over there, we process your order, make the right design, and send it to our committed team of workers in Bangladesh. Our employees in Bangladesh manufacture your custom clothing and deliver it back to our headquarters in Canada. Our team in Canada then delivers your product to your address safe and sound.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to manufacture and deliver your personalized, custom clothing, with strong compliance to ethical practices. We look to expand even further and build a future for our hard-working team.

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Ethical Trading And CSR

Iconic Apparel House stands firmly on three pillars, ethical trading, compliance and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We use ethical practices across our supply chain, and we adhere strongly to local and international standards such as minimum wages, health and safety, and zero tolerance to child labour.

We’re proud of the way we manufacture and deliver your custom clothing. Our CSR practices are noteworthy. We’re firm believers in using ethical practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver high-quality clothing to our clients that conform to the fashion norms of the world. We’re devoted to giving you the right product, at the right price, with the right performance.


We have served many respected customers from across three continents, Europe, Australia and North America. The clients we served come from RIVERS AUSTRALIA, NKD GERMANY, OKAIDI FRANCE, OTTO GERMANY, TURGET USA, KOHL'S USA, ATTRACTION CANADA, ED HARRY AUSTRALIA.