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Business level strategy For Successful Clothing Brands In Canada

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Do you want to start your clothing manufacturing business in 2022? If so, start it on the go! Now will be the best time as the market share for the apparel industry has grown to almost 3 trillion dollars in Canada and the USA. [1] These statistics show that the demand for apparel will increase in the future. And why wouldn’t it? Clothes are the basic necessity of humans. Everyone tries to dress up according to changing trends, and your brand can meet this demand to grab more sales. Well! This article will discuss the best business level strategy in Canada that will help you to make your clothing brand successful. So, scroll down and read on!

Best Business Level Strategy To Follow In 2022

The clothing business falls under two categories. One is where manufacturers sell garments to retailers known as cut-make-trim (CMT). The second category is Full Production Packages, where manufacturers sell clothes to customers. Following are the steps to start your clothing manufacturing business in 2022:

The apparel industry is emerging. Many factors affect customers’ apparel choices, including movies, dramas, and fashion. Thus, every business apparel tries to adapt to customers’ changing requirements. Thus, it is necessary to consider the industry trends before starting your brand. You need to analyze various factors to get an idea of industry trends. Firstly, keep an eye on the changing trends by analyzing your competitors and market leaders. Lastly, analyze fashion shows and monitor customer behavior on social media. These steps will provide you with valuable insights into the latest fashion trends.

2: Select your target niche

Choosing a target niche is crucial before starting your own clothing manufacturing business. Luckily there are many options to choose a niche. Popular niches include Athletic, casual, formal, luxury, streetwear, Swimwear, and Shoes. Breaking down into a target niche will help cater to customers’ needs effectively. Moreover, you can find and fix the gap in the market to gain a competitive edge.

3: Define target audience

The third step is defining the target audience for your clothing store. It is best to narrow down the target audience you can serve well. You can sell directly to customers or retailers as well mentioned depending upon the nature of your business.

The target audience will depend on the nature of your business. In the case of wholesale business, customers would include local retailers and apparel shops. While in the retail clothing manufacturing business, your audience would be direct customers. Identifying this beforehand will help you put your business on the straight line.

4: Identify your unique selling point

The global economy has made it possible for local companies to operate worldwide. As a result, this creates a highly competitive environment for the business. So, creating a unique selling point or value proposition is essential to stand out in the crowd. Offer quality products and services or provide valuable benefits to your customers. These will help in differentiating you from your competitors.

5: Make a Budget plan

Creating a budget is essential as clothing manufacturing requires a lot of capital. Your business will need a lot of equipment for production. So, it is necessary to assess costs and other expenses before starting your clothing manufacturing business in Canada. Some of the necessary factors to keep in mind. For e.g., the budget includes warehouse building, machinery, equipment, raw materials, administrative costs, legal requirements, and advertisement. Make budget plans before to avoid any problems in the future.

best business plan for clothing brand
best business plan for clothing brand

6: Write down a business plan

After identifying your target niche and target audience, it’s time to write your business plan. It will help you stay on track and push you towards achieving your goals. A business plan can be casual for the first draft; there is no need to put extra thought into formatting. But if you are writing for investors, write it formally. A business plan includes information depending upon the type and nature of your business. A business plan includes a mission statement, founders’ credentials, product descriptions, business type, budget, and legal documents. In the case of funding from the investors, add funding details to the business plan.

7: Hire Professional Designers

After making your business plan, hire professional team members to run your business. Hiring individuals to manage startups is vital as your business starts from scratch. Hire individuals of diverse talent to assign different tasks according to their skillset. However, finding clothing designers for your business is crucial. You will need people specializing in manufacturing, sales, customer relations, accounting, marketing, and logistics. And obviously, you will need labor to work in a factory for cutting fabric and sewing. You can go for reliable Custom Clothing Manufacturers in Canada that make manufacturing easy for you.

8: Create sales strategy

The next business level strategy in starting your clothing manufacturing business is creating a sales strategy. Here, you will outline optimizing the sales process and getting more customers. Content strategy should include your revenue goals, aligning your employees to achieve these goals, and utilizing technology. The goal here is to map the customer’s journey, how he will interact with your products; and submit an order. You will decide how to generate leads, solve problems of customers, present your products and protocol for returning products.

9: Establish your factory

Now comes the time of physically establishing your factory. Firstly, put great thought and time into selecting the location of your factory. Secondly. Rural areas are favorable locations due to low real estate costs; It will also get you cheap labor. Lastly, you will have to install equipment and machinery in the factory. If you don’t have your engineer, you will have to hire a clothing manufacturing company in Canada that can help you get everything done on the go.

10: Leverage the online marketplace

Once everything is set out and production has started. You can leverage the power of the internet and social media to showcase your products online. For example, if you have come up with custom shirts, you should display its images on your website in a way that appeals to the site visitors. You can take an example of the famous brand ‘Nike’ that showcases each of its new launches on its website banner. Well! You can do the same by leveraging the power of online market tactics. When you showcase your products, i.e., clothes online, representing them formally adds quality and production material descriptions.


The fashion industry is growing at a rapid pace. Due to its great market potential, now is the best time to take a fair share. By implementing the best business level strategy mentioned above, you would kickstart your clothing manufacturing business and make it thrive. So go for it now! However, if you wish to make the manufacturing process done without any hassles, you should think about us. We at Iconic Apparel House can help you to make the manufacturing process easy, serving all your fashion sourcing needs and adding perfection to your clothing brand.