Iconic Services

Iconic Apparel House is a custom clothing manufacturer in Canada that specializes in designing & developing branded clothing and merchandise for businesses in Canada. We offer multiple iconic services like custom sourcing, manufacturing, and designing process that has allowed us to produce good quality products that meet customer expectations. Additionally, the company offers Custom Apparel Manufacturing Services Canada and wholesale clothing services, which help brand owners to stock up in bulk without breaking the budget boundaries.

Designing Services

Our Custom Apparel Manufacturing Services Canada is all about what you want to have in the custom order. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your style before we start designing your custom apparel. Once our team of designers creates your custom clothing idea to make sure it stays true to your vision, production will be started on your custom clothing design. We’ll do everything in our power to ensure that these pieces are made as fast as possible so they can be delivered right away!

sourcing services

Sourcing Services

Our sourcing services Canada ensures that your end product is quality-tested and meets your needs. Our fabric sourcing department is basically engaged in determining how and where the fabric will be obtained. It works in coordination with the merchandising department and looks after the delivery of the required goods at the scheduled time and cost. Once you’ve approved an item for production, we’ll send over a mockup-you can even request changes if you want!

iconic services

Manufacturing Services

Our custom clothing manufacturing services in Canada revolve around a process that starts by taking your order and creating a design draft based on your specifications. The design draft will allow us to clearly understand what type of fabric you would like used in the clothing’s construction and how it should fit you. Once this information is verified, our team will create a prototype of your design. It allows us to refine the details of your design further so any number of different manufacturers and the people looking for Custom Apparel Manufacturing Services Canada can use them without having to re-create them from scratch again later on down the line if necessary.

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Why Choose Iconic Apparel House?

It would be best if you consider a well-reputed fabric manufacturer in Canada that can fulfill all your Fashion Sourcing needs in a go. Well, that is where we are here! The biggest perk to consider is getting a heads-up from dealing with any intermediary to get the best possible rates and other stuff. You will also not have to worry about communications errors or pay commissions to other parties involved, as we at a custom clothing manufacturer company in Canada will handle everything. So, think about us and contact us now!

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