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Sourcing Fabric For Your Clothing Line

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If you are interested in starting your own textile business, the most important thing you need is the fabric for your clothing line. Now, sourcing fabric is not an easy job, so we urge you to read this post. In this post, you are going to find helpful information for sourcing the right kind of fabrics. 

Basics of Sourcing Fabric For Your Clothing Line

Before you start thinking about sourcing fabric for your clothing line, you need to set a plan and know what you want to make. The textile business has huge potential and diversification, and you can try your luck in clothing, bedding, and other niches. You must know that every product has its fabric requirements, so you first need to find your niche. [1]

You cannot be the best at everything, and we would suggest you not put your focus on different products or niches. Instead, you must make sure you pick one and stay focused on it. When choosing the niche, you need to ask yourself multiple questions:

● Are you targeting men or women 

● Do you want to go for fancy or formal clothes 

● Are you interested in starting a clothing or bedding brand 

Once you complete your research and find your target market, you can only start sourcing fabric for your clothing line. Below we have discussed some steps you need to follow to source suitable material.

Start counter sourcing rather than getting into factory jargon

If you don’t have much textile experience, especially in product development, you need to consider counter sourcing. Counter sourcing helps you provide the right kind of material which aligns with your product range. You don’t have to worry about getting any technical details or industrial complications. With a textile degree, you will know what fabric you need for your products. If you don’t know the material required, you can ask for help or suggestions from the counter!

Buy the fabrics you like the most from your competitors.

Every business has competitors. If you plan to enter the textile business, you must know that you will have dozens of competitors. When in the fabric sourcing phase, you must check out your competitors and see what material they are using. You need to buy different sorts of products that you like the most from your competitor brands. After purchasing them, you can test the fabrics used. You can find the material they are using, any loopholes that need to be fixed, and also think about how you can make the same products better for customers. Competitor analysis is critical when it comes to fabric sourcing.

Find and visit a nearby fabric mill.

Once you have completed the competitor research phase, you have to make sure that you look for different fabric mills. Fabrics mills, also known as fabric factories, produce fabric material in large bulks. Now, suppose you don’t have much experience in the fabric department. In that case, we suggest you find a contact who can guide you better about the factory culture. The tip to get the best deal is to show them that you are a professional. You will get the wrong stuff if you are not confident or confused. You must purchase raw fabric from the mill when starting a new business. Now the vital thing you need to know is that the dyeing and printing of fabrics are not done in factories; rather, they are done in a print house!

How to find the proper fabric manufacturer?

Now the question is how you can find the right fabric manufacturer from which you can source all your production material. There are two ways you can get to the right manufacturer!

Find an agent

The second way is to find an agent who works with fabric factories. These agents are suppliers and middlemen who would connect you with the best factories but would charge you a commission on every order. Now, if you don’t want to get into the hassle of getting the production knowledge, then the best way is to connect with an agent, pay them the money, and get the order. The pro of connecting with an agent is that they would be responsible for the quality and on-time deliveries!

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