Custom Apparel Designing In Canada

At Iconic Apparel House, we believe that the best design is the one your brand and end customer cherish. That’s why we’ve developed our custom cloth designing process to be as personal and accessible as possible. Our Custom Apparel Designing In Canada process includes the following steps:

Design Ideation

Our first step in designing custom clothing is understanding what makes your life tick. We’ll ask questions about your brand’s theme, end customer demands, and personality type to identify the best styles.

Visual Sketches and Mockups

After this initial step, our designers will then start building a visual representation of each aspect of your lifestyle through sketches and mockups. It may take some time, but we’re pretty good at it! We’ll work with you to create a mockup of your design that looks exactly like what you have in mind.

Tech Pack

Tech Pack is a collection of tech tools that we use to help us create your custom clothing design technically so it can be manufactured precisely to achieve the look desired by you. Once we’ve determined the best fit for your body type and style preferences, we’ll send you the CAD files for your custom clothing design.


Once your fabric style has been created, we will source the different design elements. Things that we will source are Manufacturing (where it’s assembled), Trims (supplier), Fabrics (supplier), and Labels and Packaging.


Once these ideas, styles, and materials have been fleshed out, our designers will collaborate with you to create a final design that reflects the elements that are important to you and those that aren’t. Once this process is complete, we’ll create a sample and send it for approval before moving on to bulk production!

Reviewing and Shipping

When your samples head up after your approval, we will continue your order for bulk production by following the same cycle [Tech Pack -> Sample -> Review -> Update Tech Pack -> Send ]. Once we’ve done with the whole order, we will update you and ship it to your given location safely.

Why Choose Us As Your Best Custom Clothing Designer In Canada?

If you’re looking for a custom clothing designer to help you create the perfect outfit, look no further than Iconic Apparel House. We have been offering custom apparel designing in Canada for many years and strive for perfection in all of our designs. We are dedicated to providing our brands, retailers, and wholesalers with an experience that is unique and memorable, tailored specifically to their needs. So, send us an inquiry now.

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