Wholesale Athletic Clothing Canada

If you want to order bulk Athleisure wear in Canada for your brand, our team is geared up to help you. We at Iconic Apparel provide custom Athleisure wear for consumers, retailers, and wholesalers by offering a wide range of colours, sizes, designs, and patterns – that will fit your brand’s requirements and fashion preferences. Just consider us as your best wholesale distributor in Canada send us an inquiry and let us know the type of athletic wear you want, the sizes, and the design you wish to apply. 

Wholesale Athletic Clothing Canada

Providing Athleisure Wear with Limitless Customization Options

Iconic Apparel House is the best wholesale Athletic Clothing in Canada that has assembled an athleisure line for both men and women that provides athletic wear by making comfort and style a top priority.

Order Athleisure Wear In Bulk

Iconic Apparel House is the best bulk athletic wear supplier that offers many wholesale options to individual wholesalers and retailers that are ready for bulk shipping and custom finishing. Iconic Apparel House’s dedication to the high-quality organic fabric. And environmental sustainability has ranked top among competing for other wholesale athletic clothing manufacturers.  

Offering athletic wear for every preference

When it comes to athletic wholesale Canada, we’ve got something for every choice. We have athletic wear for men, women, and children of all ages. You can find the perfect athletic stuff for any weather, size and colour!

Personalize Your Athletic wear

Personalize your custom athletic wear with your text. If you want to add a name or a logo, we have options too! Just reach out and get started. You can also pick from a broad range of colours and drag your favorite artwork if you’re looking for something different.

Design and Colour

It’s super easy to design and personalize your Custom athletic wear. You can pick from a variety of colours, choose your favourite design, and add text or graphics as you wish. You can also preview your final design before you order it.

Whole sports wear

Personalized Quality Fits

One of the significant factors you must consider while buying wholesale athletic clothing in Canada is the quality. Quality is an important parameter that is determined by several factors like durability, price, and performance. Well, you can get your ideal quality outfit from us. If you have questions regarding our Athleisure wear products, quality concerns, or ordering process, please feel free to contact us

We deal in all type of sportswear

Athletic Tops

Athletic Tops

Stay ahead in the fitness game with our wholesale athletic tops. Crafted with premium materials, our tops provide comfort, flexibility, and style for your active customers. Consider us your best Athletic Tops Manufacturer, stock up on the diverse range, and elevate your inventory today.

Active Jackets

Athletic Jackets

Boost your customers' performance and style with our wholesale athletic jackets. Our jackets are designed with the latest technology and offer superior protection, breathability, and durability. As the best Athletic Jackets Manufacturer, we offer a wide selection that effortlessly meets your customers' needs.

athletic trouser

Athletic Trousers

Enhance your customers' workout experience with our wholesale athletic trousers. Our trousers offer optimal comfort, flexibility, and performance, from moisture-wicking fabrics to ergonomic designs. Stock up now with Athletic Trousers Manufacturer and give your customers the best athletic apparel.

Gym Wear

Equip your customers with top-notch wholesale gym wear that combines style and functionality. Our carefully curated collection offers a range of options, including supportive sports bras, moisture-wicking leggings, and breathable tops. Consider us as your Gym Wear Manufacturer and stock your inventory with our gym wear.

yoga wear

Yoga Wear

Elevate your customers' yoga sessions with our wholesale yoga wear. Our collection includes comfortable and stretchable yoga pants, breathable tops, and supportive accessories. Choose us as your Yoga Wear Manufacturer and pick from the wide range of designs & colours to meet the demands of your yoga-loving customers.

Track Suits

Get your customers ready for any athletic challenge with our wholesale tracksuits. Designed for optimal performance and style, our tracksuits offer a perfect combination of comfort and durability. Pick us as your Track Suits Manufacturer and grab the collection you need.

Wholesale T-Shirts

Discover our range of wholesale t-shirts, perfect for athletes and casual wear. Crafted with high-quality materials, our t-shirts provide exceptional comfort and breathability. We are the best T-Shirts manufacturers. So choose from our diverse styles to cater to your customer's preferences.

sports short

Athletic Shorts

Offer your customers the perfect blend of comfort and mobility with our wholesale athletic shorts. Designed for intense workouts, our shorts provide freedom of movement and moisture-wicking properties. Choose us as your best Atheltic Shorts manufacturer and stock up on our athletic shorts.

Get All Type Of Blank Athletic Apparel for Personalization

Looking for blank athletic apparel to customize and make your own? Look no further! We offer a wide range of Blank Athletic Tops, Blank Athletic Jackets, Blank Athletic Trousers, Blank Gym Wear, Blank Yoga Wear, Blank Track Suits, Blank T-shirts, and Blank Atheltic Shorts for you to personalize with your unique designs and logos. Our high-quality blank athletic garments are made with premium materials, ensuring durability and comfort. Whether you’re starting a sports team, organizing a fitness event, or running a promotional campaign, our blank athletic apparel provides the perfect canvas to showcase your brand. Please choose from our versatile collection and unleash your creativity today!

Why Order Bulk wholesale athletic clothing From Us?

Iconic Apparel House – Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer Canada offers a broad range of designs, fabrics, colours, patterns, and designs that will help you freely fulfil your customization preferences. Look at the variety of designs and patterns available, including polo shirts, jackets & hoodies, t-shirts & tank tops, shorts & pants, sweatpants, etc., which allows you to pick a style that suits your customer’s taste and brand’s theme. If you want to get the most suitable and personalized athletic wear, send us an inquiry right away.

Wholesale Athletic Clothing Canada

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Iconic Apparel House FAQs

Whatever type of customization is needed by the customer, we will provide it.

Yes, Iconic Apparel Brand is known to have very fast custom printing services.

A small number of MOQs are offered by Iconic Apparel House.

We offer almost all types of athletic wear including blank athletic Tops, blank athletic Jackets, blank athletic Trousers, blank Gym Wear, blank Yoga wear, blank Track suits, blank T-shirt, blank shorts, and more.

It depends on the order the larger the order, the less price is, and vice versa.

Yes, we provide shipping options for Canada and USA.

Yes, we are proud to say we manufacture and provide bulk white-label athletic wear.

We do provide a sample to only serious buyers.

It’s very simple, just fill out our inquiry form from our site and place an order. Share your tech pack or document for all requirements.

We provide wholesale and manufacturing services to both retailers and wholesalers.

We deal in cotton, wool, polyester, fleece, French terry, and many more.