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How to find private label clothing manufacturers in 2022 in USA and Canada

How to find private label clothing manufacturers in 2022 in Canada and USA?

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Without a doubt, private labeling is one of the best ways for brands to break the gap between wholesaling and manufacturing. If you wish to unlock the benefits of private labeled goods in Canada and USA, the next step is to find a private label clothing manufacturers for your brand online. Today, many people think that it’s a pretty complex process. But in reality, it’s not! However, you can do this in a mere time by knowing where to look and what to avoid. Well! The good news is this guide will cover all things that may help you understand how to find private label clothing manufacturers Canada and USA. So, without wasting a single minute. Let’s get straight into it!

What are private label products?

Before you know how to find private label clothing manufacturers in Canada and USA, you should learn what private label products are. Basically, a private label product is manufactured and produced by one company and allowed for sale under another company’s or brand. Private labeling refers to online sellers adding value to their products and adapting themselves from the crowds of certain products being marketed online.

Why private label? – Things To Know!

The reason why people pick private labeling over wholesaling is it offers you more authority over the product. Rather than selling another company’s product, handle quality and set prices down to the preferences. In this way, you’ll have a better customer and can save a considerable amount of time and money.

Where to find private label manufacturers on the web?

Finding private label clothing manufacturers that deliver standard products is not as complicated as it seems. However, you can fetch them online on the internet. Here, you can consider forums, marketplaces, and online directories. These platforms and the process of finding them requires digging deeper before you get the right one. Well, the good news is, we’ve simplified the process for you by dropping the most reliable ways to find the best private label manufacturer in Canada and USA on the go. So, take a look!

1- Forums

One of the best ways to find private label clothing manufacturers is via online forums. Here are the three best and reliable forums that you should consider.


It’s one of the most famous and widely-used forums right now. Business people can utilize Reddit to find their best private label clothing manufacturers on the go. You’ll often ask for manufacturer suggestions and can have the best answer without any disputes.


It’s another fantastic forum, an internet marketing community, and marketplace where users will explore tons of info about private labeling manufacturers.


Pinterest is the place to explore not only ideas but places and people. You can search by keywords that revolve around your niche and hunt people’s private label clothing manufacturers visually!

2- Marketplaces

Searching via marketplaces is yet another excellent method to discover private label clothing manufacturers on the web. You can search for private label products in your desired niche and talk to the manufacturers directly.


Facebook is one of the best places not only for connecting with your friends and family. But also to market your products and to find private label manufacturers on the go.


Amazon is one of the large marketplaces in the e-world. You can also find private label manufacturers and communicate with them using Amazon from anywhere, anytime.


eBay is a well-known platform to use as a market resource when finding private label clothing manufacturers in Canada and USA. It’s just like the search techniques users may use on the Google Search bar. Drop, search, and you’ll have the results you want.


Kijiji is a classified buy, sell, or trading platform that many people love to use. Here you can find particular things and, of course, private label clothing manufacturers in Canada without any disputes.

3- Online directory

An online directory is an online list or catalog of multiple websites that will help you find a particular website of a specific niche from all around the World Wide Web. There are many online directories that you can use to find private label manufacturers. But, the one we’ve mentioned below is the best fit to hunt suppliers in Canada. Let’s take a look:


It’s a reputable platform where members share their experiences with sourcing companies and starting private label products. You can explore Salehoo lists of private label manufacturers in Canada and discussions about private label manufacturers for particular niches.

Maker’s Row:

Users might want to source locally through trade. Well, for this purpose, online directories like Maker’s Row will help you find private label clothing manufacturers nearby.

What to consider before contacting private label manufacturers?

Always remember that finding a supplier is not enough. Here, you must know who and what to separate. Here are a few tips for contacting private label manufacturers. So, read on!

  • You should make sure that you’re pretty clear about your preferences when you talk to the manufacturer.
  • Before communicating with any private label manufacturers, read reviews and see confirmations.
  • Also, compare their rates to their competitors and look for their lowest order shipment.

Note: Some private label clothing manufacturers won’t list that data on their websites. So, use the forums and platforms to evaluate their reliability.

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