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How to buy packaging bags for apparel

How to buy Packaging Bags for Apparel?

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Packaging is essential for all types of products. It helps keeps the product safe when delivered to the customer. Likewise, packaging bags keep the clothes safe so that they retain the qualities for your customers.  There are quite some packaging options to consider whether you’re selling t-shirts, socks, pants, underwear, jackets, etc. Some would use only one layer of packaging, while others use two or more layers. However, that all depends on your preference. So without further ado, let’s dive into these different packaging bags for your clothing brand.

Boxes or Mailers?

It’s rare to see clothes getting torn when in transit. So, you can use various shipping options to deliver the clothes. Custom apparel brands often use boxes or mailers. Both are valid options depending on the type of clothing business you run. Mailers are packaging envelopes so they’re more cost-effective, efficient as they take less space, and are environmentally friendlier as they use less material than a box.

In contrast, boxes take up more space and use more material but, they’re good to make a statement. Boxes are made for exceptional presentation and can work well with custom clothing companies especially. Say, for instance, a customer wants a dress shipped for her friend’s birthday. She wants to add her personality and go extra since it’s a special day for her friend. Boxes can

help you go extra and give unique experiences to your receiving. You can’t really do that with packaging bags or mailers. 

Types of packaging bags, mailers, and boxes

There are varieties of packaging bags, mailers, and boxes to choose from. Each type of packaging has its own pros and cons so let’s get into the details.

The Recycled Poly Mailer

The poly mailer is the cheapest in terms of price, but that does not mean it lacks good qualities. It has the lowest carbon footprint, hundred percent recyclable, weather-poof, reusable, and the lightest option. The bad thing about this is that it is plastic and so recycling uses a lot of energy.

Recycled Apparel Mailer

This is a plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable material. You can get various sizes and it’s strong enough to package a lot of clothes. Unfortunately, it is more expensive and paper is always weaker than plastic. One tear in the paper can cause the whole thing to collapse on its own. It’s also not weather-proof, thus it’s not good to use if your customers live in regions where it rains a lot.

100% Recyclable Shipping Box

Again, it’s plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable. It’s also the most durable option out there. The box does well for presentations and giving your customers a unique unboxing experience. It is more expensive and requires more space for shipping. And you may need more material to at least keep the box intact. It also has the highest carbon footprint. 

Self Sealing Glassine Packaging Bag

These frosted packaging bags are made with supercalendered paper that makes them withstand extreme weather conditions. This is a good alternative if you want to contribute to the environment by going plastic-free. Some custom apparel companies use this to sell directly to their customers and ship them in large quantities. 

Recyclable Flap & Seals

Clear packaging bags serve as inner protection for apparel products. 

Both the flap & seals and glassine bags serve two purposes. Wholesalers and clothing brands first package each item individually in a clear poly packaging bag. This not only protects the item but also makes sorting and sorting easier. 

What Iconic Apparel House does?

Our process is divided into five simple steps: Design and DevelopmentSampling Sourcing Product DevelopmentQuality and Compliance, Packaging and Labeling, and Shipping logistics and Distribution. 

Our fourth step is where we use our sophisticated packaging solution. We operate with top-quality standards, providing personalized labels, and special wash care and hang tags.

Our fifth and final step involves shipping logistics and distribution. We’re partnered with leading shipping carriers. So, we ship worldwide in LCL and FCL quantities. We offer shipping at competitive shipping prices for sea and air. We also give door delivery and express delivery options. This is what makes our house the Iconic Apparel House. 

Our trademark packaging is what makes us unique. We add character to our packaging by using high-quality packaging bags. It’s what makes your unboxing experience refreshing! Contact us now if you want to have your packaging customized.