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How to distinguish good fabric from bad: 5 tips for identifying your ideal fabric material 

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When stepping into the textile industry, you must know how to distinguish good fabric from bad ones. If you don’t know how to identify good materials from bad ones, it is not right for you to invest in this business. Still, if you have decided and want to start your clothing brand, we suggest you read this post. In this post, we have mentioned the five tried and tested tips from experts which would help you in identifying good fabric material!

Tips for identifying your ideal textile

Here are five tips that you should know while choosing your ideal fabric material. Read on!

1- Feel the fabric weight and drape

When identifying good fabric material, you must know that your senses can play an important role. You need to hold the fabric material in your hands and caress it. You would automatically feel the quality when you touch and look at the fabric simultaneously. If you have the excellent fabric in your hands, its quality would be up to mark, and its weight would also be sturdy. The low-quality fabric material is always light weighed and unpleasant to touch.

2- Check the design, print, and colour quality.

Another essential tip to help you distinguish the wrong fabric from a good one is checking the quality of colour (dye), print, and design. Now you must know that almost every vendor can print and colour fabrics. Still, the quality would not be up to the mark as done by professional dyeing and print houses. You can see flaws in the design and print of the low-quality fabric, and you can also see uneven colour dye. A good quality fabric can easily be recognized with the fine quality of colours and design work!

3- Check for durability and resistance.

Now you must know that the quality of a clothing fabric material can also be determined by checking its resistance. The modern Martindale test can quickly check the resistance of fabric. This test is specifically used to limit the number of the life cycle of a textile fabric. Under 15,000 cycles is considered lousy quality fabric, whereas a high-quality fabric would have more than 15,000 cycles. In the test, the quality is checked by cleaning the fabric and finding any changes in its condition. If a colour, size, or texture change is noticed, then the quality is terrible!

4- Check the composition of the fabric.

Another essential tip that can help you check fabric quality is testing the composition. The textile fabric we purchase is made up of a composition of thread. Now you must check the thread count, the fibre length, and the weave type used to compose the fabric. All this information can be found on the label of production. Buy fabric material from a well-reputed factory house or agent. They will provide you with the complete composition report. If you don’t get the composition report, something is fishy. If a low thread count is used, you can feel that the fabric weight would be low, and it would feel quite rough!

5- Check the technical qualities of the fabric. 

When it comes to identifying good fabric material, you have to make sure that you don’t rely on just your feet and eyes. It would be best if you also looked into the technical aspects of the fabric. Some factors contribute to the quality of the fabric, which cannot be tested with touch. Technical aspects include having a tempo test guarantee, having a Teflon finish, having certification of being inflammable, etc. You can hire an expert to check out all the technical elements!

End Words

These five tips can help you identify good-quality fabrics from low-quality ones. Well, if you want good quality, at low cost and also with on-time deliveries, considering Iconic Apparel House would be worth it! Here, we would like to pitch ourselves as one of the best custom clothing manufacturers in Canada that always aims to reduce manufacturing hassles and boost brand efficiency. So, contact us right now!