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The Best Fabric Material: Fleece Cotton Vs Polyester

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When finding the perfect clothes in bulk for your brand, there are essential factors you should look at. These factors include style, fit, quality, sustainability, label, and cost. However, one thing that is most important is the fabric material itself that you should not overlook before making a purchase. Well! Whether it is undergarments, shirts, jackets, or hoodies, two of the main fabrics you’ll encounter at any best fabric stores Canada are Cotton and polyester. Both are popular fabrics that you’ll find on labels or product descriptions online. And both have different pros and cons when used to make apparel items like tees and hoodies. As a fashion business owner, you should know the difference between cotton vs polyester as the best fabric material to look out for in 2022, read this post till the bottom line hits you up – as here we will cover some basics of fabrics!

Fleece Cotton Vs Polyester

Polyester is an artificial synthetic fiber that comes from a chemical process. Its exhibition typically incorporates petroleum, coal, air, and water. In a way, you could say that polyester is a kind of plastic that you can stroll around wearing. On the other hand, Cotton fleece is an innately occurring fiber that is obtained directly from plants. We will have two interpretations when talking about the best fabric material to consider for your fashion product needs. 

Well! We at Iconic Apparel House believe that when it comes to casual clothing, high-quality Cotton beats polyester (and other fabrics). By far – in almost all units, from sustainability to durability. However, synthetic fibers made from polyester are usually the more suitable choice for custom athletic and outdoor clothing.

Key Takeaway!

In the case of cotton vs polyester – a high-quality cotton shirt or sweatshirt will cost you more than one that holds a synthetic like polyester, but you also have to make sure of the durability of the item. Over time, it can turn out to be cheaper to invest in the quality of the best fabric material. You’ll have a lasting item to stock up for your brand rather than binning and buying every few weeks. The expenses get up. That’s why at Iconic Apparel House, our custom apparel products are made from high-quality extra-long-staple fleece Cotton – grown in Canada and the USA and somewhat assembled into custom shirts, tees, sweatshirts, and custom hoodies. You can think about us and contact us directly to place a custom order to reduce the hassles of manufacturing on the go!